I'm. . . Back?

2012-03-22 12:37:32 by GrimIndex

So, after a long. . . hm. . . a long "havinglostinterestinergonotusing" from(?) http://www.Newgrounds.com (heh, wanted to see if that creates a dynamic link or whatever) I've returned. This account is the reincarnation of the Newgrounder formerly known as-- well, nobody knew me anyways, so I suppose it doesn't matter.

Anyways, upon my return I noticed that I was not in the same place I once visited to play interactive henta-- I mean watch Cyanide and Happiness videos. At first, I was skeptical about this new style and layout--mainly because of the plethora of websites I formerly used who ultimately fragged themselves over by implementing a new style that NOBODY liked, and then failed to listen to their userbase--but I'm quite liking this new layout. A pleasant surprise to return to indeed. That raises a question though; just why am I returning?

Well, I'm probably going to be uploading content for once. Since I've enrolled in Live Oaks Career Development center for my junior and senior year of Highschool, I've created quite a-lot of new content, and figure I may as well post it somewhere. Newgrounds is as a good a place as any. That, and I'm bored as fuuuu--fur-less rabbits. . . (They'd probably be more depressed than bored, but hey).

I don't expect my entries to be even close to on-par with these other Newgrounds artists, but maybe that's just the 'cynical artist' in me.

P.S. I realize that nobody reads this--ergo nobody cares--but, shit, it's worth a shot.

Edit:Edit: Below--one of the entries for my 365 project. It's not exactly what I would call "finished".
'careful, now. He'll break bones that you didn't even know existed.

I'm. . . Back?